Ground Source Heat Pump Program

What is a ground source heat pump?
A ground source heat pump is an electrically-powered system that taps the natural heat stored in the earth to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. The ground source heat pump removes the heat stored in the earth and transfers it to the home or building in the winter. During the summer, the same system removes heat from the home and transfers it to the earth.

How does it work?

Heat is extracted from the earth by treated water circulating through underground pipes, and pumped to a water source heat pump. There, the heat is intensified to heat your home. In the summer, the process is reversed. There are three components to the ground source heat pump system: the heat pump, which is usually placed in a basement or storage area; the water supply and the delivery system.

How efficient are ground source heat pumps?
Research shows that a ground source heat pump can lower home heating costs by 50% to 70%, and reduce cooling costs 30% to 40% over conventional systems. Instead of consuming fuel to heat, a ground source heat pump moves the heat that already exists in the earth, and therefore can easily provide three units of energy for every unit of energy used to power the system.

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebates:
West Central Electric offers rebates on ground source heat pumps. For more information, contact West Central Electric at 800-491-3803.