When calling the Missouri One Call System for a locate request, West Central Electric asks that you pay special attention to several details to ensure your safety and the security of the system.

PLEASE pay special attention to the utilities that are listed as being notified of your dig request. You will be given the ticket number of your request to keep for future reference. If you know a specific utility is present, and the call center did not list that utility as being notified, then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact that utility, and/or let the Missouri One Call operator know to add the utility to the list.

WCE cannot respond if we are not notified

If the WCE service line is overhead to the metering point, WE WILL NOT BE NOTIFIED of your digging intentions by the Missouri One Call System. You must contact WCE at 1-800-491-3803 and request to have your wires located from the metering point to the location you are planning to excavate.

The most common meter-base installation is on the pole, or post. If the member has a service wire that is installed beyond this point to the house or out buildings, there will be a minimum charge of $30 for the locate request.

The whole concept of contacting the Missouri One Call Center, and or WCE before you dig is to protect you from a deadly electrocution, and protect our facilities from a dig through that will damage our facilities and cause a costly, unnecessary power outage for you and the rest of our members. So please, when you are planning your excavation, take a few extra minutes to call and provide as much information about your proposed job as possible. This will ensure that our employees will perform the locate request correctly and in a timely manner for you.

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