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WCE Scholarship Application

WCE Scholarship Application

What college do you plan to attend?

What field of study do you plan to enter?


1. How does obtaining a degree in this area relate to your future goals?


2. Please LIST the activities in which you are involved (both in and out of school) including academics, extra-curricular activities, organizations, community service activities, church activities, after-school/summer job, etc. Be sure to include how many years you have been involved with each activity. Ex.: HS Marching Band – 2 yrs.


3. Give an explanation about how you feel you benefit from the activities in which you are involved, and how you balance those activities.


4. Estimated cost per semester for tuition, books, and room and board of the college you plan to attend:


5. How do you plan to finance your college tuition? Please directly address financial need and/or special circumstances, as they will be considered when awarding the scholarship.


List ACT or SAT incentives if known:


A-Plus status and dollars allotted by the school if known:

Names and amounts of any scholarships you have received thus far:

6. Please state why you would be a worthy recipient of the West Central Electric Cooperative Scholarship.


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