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English Scholarship Application

English Scholarship Application

1. Please LIST the activities in which you are involved (both in and out of school) including academics, extra-curricular activities, organizations, community service activities, church activities, after-school/summer job, etc.

2. Give an explanation about how you feel you benefit from the activities in which you are involved, and how you balance those activities:


3. From what activity or opportunity received through your involvement in 4-H do you feel you have benefitted the most? Please provide a brief explanation.


4. Estimated cost per semester for tuition, books, and room and board of the college you plan to attend:


5. How do you plan to finance your college tuition? Please directly address financial need and/or special circumstances, as they will be considered when awarding the scholarship.


List ACT or SAT incentives if known:


A-Plus status and dollars allotted by the school if known:


Names and amounts of any scholarships you have received thus far:


6. Please state why you feel you would be a worthy recipient of the John & Kathryn English Memorial Scholarship Trust.


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